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May 10, 2013
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~Reader’s intro~

Ever since you were young, you always wanted to be famous. You always thought that being a star would be an exciting ride. You were naive. You never got a moments peace. There were fans that adored you, people that hated you, fans that wanted you, and people that wanted to see you suffer.

Either way, the popstar life was hard, but there was one person that kept you going when things got tough…Alfred Jones. He was your bodyguard and closest friend. You knew you had fallen in love with the blonde, but you knew that nothing would ever happen between you two because of your professions. Little did you know…he felt the same way.

~Alfred’s POV~

_____________. The name I have come to love. I have always loved her from a distance. There wasn’t a thing about _____________ that I didn’t love. My job is to protect her and if loving her from afar is the way to keep her safe…I’ll continue to do so.

~The story~

After finishing your last song of the concert, you looked over at Alfred and smiled. He gave you a thumbs up and a wink. It made your heart soar when he did little things like that. The crowd cheered your name over and over. You took a bow. “Thank you. You’ve been a lovely audience. Goodnight!”, you said as you walked over to Alfred. “I’m ready to go to the hotel.”, you said with a smile. He nodded and hooked your arm with his.

You could hear the roar of the fans as you were lead to the exit. A suited figure ran up to us. I identified the figure as Arthur Kirkland, my head of security. “The crowd up ahead is out of control. Keep _____________ close, Alfred!”, the Brit demanded. “Yes, sir.”, Alfred nodded and pulled you closer to him. Your face grew hot.

Arthur pushed the door open and was ordering fans to move away. He made a path through the raving crowd of people, so you and Alfred could get through. The flashes of cameras and grabby hands surrounded you. “Stay back! No touching!”, Alfred shouted at the cheering mass. You felt his grip on you tightening. Arthur got the door of your limo open and was ushering you both to move faster. You and Alfred quickened your paces. You both quickly jumped into the limo and Arthur shut the door immediately and motioned for the driver to go.

Once the limo finally escaped the ocean of fans, you laid your head back against the seat and closed your eyes. “Why must it be like that after every concert?”, you sighed. Alfred chuckled. “Well they all love you. You are a popstar after all.”, he smiled. You just loved the way his eyes twinkled when he smiled.

“I guess you’re right, but it gets so frustrating sometimes. I sometimes just want to live a normal life.”, you told him. He placed a hand on your shoulder. “You are normal. You have a successful career, but you just have thousands of people that adore you.”, he nudged you with his elbow and winked. All you did was laugh.

The limo finally arrived at the hotel you were staying in for the night. Alfred got out of the limo first and offered you his hand. You flashed him a bashful smile and gladly accepted his hand. He led you into the luxury hotel and headed to the reception desk for your key. The lady handed him the key. “Your key, milady.”, he joked as he handed you your key. “Thank you.”, you giggled. All the stress seemed to melt away when you were with him.

You both made your way to the elevator. Alfred pressed the button for the elevator. You both waited patiently for the elevator to arrive. When it did, you both entered and Alfred hit the button for the 10th floor. When the doors shut, you leaned against the wall of the elevator and sighed. “You know…sometimes I feel like the damsel in distress in those sappy romance films. Just waiting for my hero to come along and rescue me.”, you laughed at what you were saying.

“Listen to me ramble. I must sound silly.”, you tried to play it off. The American got closer to you. “I don’t think it is silly. I’ll be your hero.”, he grinned. Your face turned crimson. “Y-You would? I-I don’t know what to say! I’m jus-“, your words were halted by Alfred’s lips on yours. Your eyes widened in shock, but his lips felt so right against yours. Your eyes slipped close and you returned the kiss. You both could feel the longing for each other through the kiss. His arms wrapped around you in a protective hold. You wrapped your arms around his neck. You have never been this happy in your life.

When you both broke this kiss, you were panting. “I never knew you felt that way.”, you said breathlessly. He placed his hand on your cheek and he stroked it gently with his thumb. “And I can say the same for you.”, he laughed softly. You smiled. “I love you, Alfred.”, you said, putting your hand over his. “And I love you too, _____________.”, he grinned.

When the elevator reached the 10th floor, Alfred scooped you up into his arms bridal style. “Let me show you what this hero can do.”, he smirked. You giggled as he managed to open the door and both of you disappeared into the room.
This is a love story about you & America. :heart: Enjoy~! :D
Author note: I never thought I would get this many favorites. Thank you all for your support. :heart: :hug: <- For you all. :D
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I think I'd crack up if I read that.
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