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May 15, 2013
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‘Another mundane day in the kingdom.’, thought the British prince.  He stared idly at the grand walls of the palace. He thought the day couldn’t get any duller. Then suddenly his father, the king, entered the room. “There you are, Arthur! I have been looking for you everywhere.”, the king said in a jovial tone. Arthur sighed. “What is it father?”, Arthur questioned his cheerful father. “The new servants arrive at the kingdom today.”, his father informed his son.

The prince sighed. The kingdom always got servants every few months, so this was yet another uneventful day. A messenger then entered the room. “Excuse me, your grace and your highness, but I wanted to inform you that the new servants have just arrived.”, he bowed.

The king nodded. “Thank you, Charles. We shall go down and meet them shortly.”, he told the messenger. Charles bowed once again and left the room. “Now come along Arthur. We must go down and meet them.”, the king told Arthur. He nodded and accompanied his father. They went to meet the servants in the kingdom’s courtyard.

“Greetings to you all. Welcome to my kingdom. I hope to see some excellent work from you all. We have a very important event coming up in the next two days, so I’ll expect you to all work hard to finish the preparations.”, the king informed the group of newcomers. The prince was not very excited about this upcoming event. He knew Princess Michelle of Seychelles was going to attend. His father has been trying for years to get them together. This new event was just another attempt.

As Arthur scanned the servants, one is particular caught his full attention. You. You had (hair length/color) hair and brilliant (eye color) eyes that completely took the Brit’s breath away. He stared at you for quite sometime until you looked up and he instantly turned away, embarrassed by the fact he was caught staring. You smiled and stood there quietly, waiting for the king’s orders.

After receiving your orders to scrub the floors in the throne room, you instantly got to work. You were on all fours making sure you scrubbed every inch of that floor. Arthur entered the room to check on your progress. “How’s it coming?”, he asked sternly. You stopped to acknowledge the prince’s presence. “It’s coming along well, sir.”, you said softly. He nodded. He wished so desperately to know your name. He fought with himself mentally many times to get the courage to ask, so he finally decided to ask. “If I may ask, what is your name?”, Arthur asked with a sweet tone. “My name is _________, your highness.”, you smiled. “_________. What a lovely name.”, he flashed you a smile that made your face blush.

The king came into the room and he spotted Arthur talking to you. “Arthur! Stop conversing with the help! You have to get prepared for Michelle’s arrival.”, he informed the prince. Arthur rolled his eyes. “Yes, father.”, he strolled out of the throne room. Your heart sank when you heard the woman’s name. It seemed that the prince was to be taken. You should have known better than to be attracted to royality. The king approached you and grabbed you roughly by the arm. “Remember your place, slave.”, he hissed. All you could do was nod. He released your arm and left you in the throne room alone to finish your duty.

~2 days later~

After two long days of preparation, Today was finally the day of Michelle of Seychelles’ arrival. You stood with the servants at the far side of the room, awaiting her arrival. Your mind began to wonder. ‘What did she look like? What was she like?,’, all kinds of questions flooded your mind.

Suddenly, the sound of trumpets broke you from your thoughts. Charles came into the room. “Announcing the arrival of Princess Michelle of Seychelles.”, he bellowed. You looked at the prince to see his reaction. The prince appeared to be disinterested while the king and queen were absolutely thrilled. You focused your attention back to the entrance and at that moment, walked in Michelle. She had long, brown hair, beautiful eyes, and looked like she had such grace. You grew envious. She was perfect and you were a lowly servant.

Michelle approached the royal family and bowed. “Thank you for having me here, your majesties.”, she said softly. The king chuckled. “Raise your head, dear.”, he smiled. She lifted her head and smiled at Arthur. He returned her smile with a fake one. “There will be a ball held in honor of the fated pair.”, the king announced with excitement. Michelle seemed overjoyed by the fact while Arthur looked absolutely miserable.

~Later that evening~

Arthur called you to help him prepare for the ball. You just finished adjusting his uniform. “You look rather dashing, your highness.”, you complimented him. He chuckled. “Why thank you, dear. I just despise what the ball is being held for. I do not love her and never will.”, he informed. “I know it is not my place to ask, but why are they forcing you, my prince?”, you asked curiously. “To form an alliance.”, he sighed.

‘How could his own parents make him marry a woman he does not love?’, you thought bitterly. “I think you should be able to choose who you want to marry.’, you said softly. “Well that’s not how being a royal works.”, he sighed heavily. You felt so sorry for him. You hated to see him so miserable. “Well my presence is requested. I must go.”, he said as he departed for the ballroom.

After attending s few chores, you were called to the ballroom to serve the guests. You spotted Michelle and Arthur talking, so you approached them with a bottle of wine. “Would you care for a drink, your highnesses?”, you asked politely. Arthur politely declined, but Michelle was a different story. She smacked the wine out of your hand. “How dare you interrupt a royal’s conversation, you filth?!”, she shouted. You tried cleaning up the mess. “I’m sorry. I was only doing my duties, my lady.”, you apologized. “You are now talking back to me?!”, she said with repulsion.

“No. I-“, your words were halted by a smack to the face. “Shut your mouth, you trash!”, she yelled. Arthur glared at Michelle. “That’s enough.”, he said sternly. “She was only doing what she was told.”, he was furious. “I was only putting her in her place.”, she told Arthur. His eyes narrowed. “She was in her place.”, he shot back. Michelle crossed her arms. “Taking up for a mere servant I see? Well get her to keep you company for the rest of the ball.”, she pouted as she stormed away. You sat there in shock from the whole scene. ‘Did Arthur just…stick up for me?’, you asked yourself. He turned to you. “Come on, _________. Let’s tend to your face.”, he offered his hand to you and you took it. ‘His hands are so warm.’, you thought. He gave you a smile and led you to his chambers.

“I apologize for that.”, he said as he patted your face with a cold, damp cloth that was wrapped around some ice. “It’s alright, my prince.”, you winced a bit. He quickly apologized. “That should keep the swelling down a bit.”, he caressed your face gently. This action made you blush madly. “W-What are you doing, your highness?”, you managed to stammer out. “Admiring your beauty. You aren’t filth like that wench said.”, he said softly.

“T-Thank you, my prince”, you blushed. He chuckled lightly. “You can call me Arthur. The Caste System doesn’t apply here at this very moment.”, he seemed to get closer to you. You didn’t pull away. “Arthur…?”, you whispered, but she silenced any further words with his soft lips against yours. You were shocked that this handsome prince was actually kissing you! You didn’t waste time and returned the kiss. Arthur pulled you close against his body and you wrapped your arms around his neck, making the kiss more passionate.

After you both broke the kiss, he placed his forehead against yours. “You are who I wish to have.”, he panted slightly. “But I’m a mere servant…”, you said sadly. Arthur reached up and ran a hand through your (h/c) hair. “I don’t care about that. You are what I care about. Status means nothing to me.”, he said lovingly. You smiled.

“I love you, Arthur.”, you whispered to him. “I know I have only known you for three days, but this feels like a fairytale.”, he chuckled and placed a soft peck on your lips. “So I love you too, _________.”, he had finally found happiness.

~The next day~

Michelle left the kingdom furious by the prince’s actions. The king was enraged and demanded Arthur’s presence in the throne room. Arthur entered the room hand-in-hand with you. The sight made the king’s blood boil. “You ruined your arrangement with Michelle for a mere slave?!”, he scolded the young prince. Arthur tensed. “She is more than that to me! She is what I want! Michelle is a horrible bloody wench!”, he countered.

The king was taken back by Arthur’s behavior. “How dare you talk to me like that?! I’m your father!”, he shouted. You stood there silently watching the argument unfold in front of you. “You should act like it instead of using me like a contract.”, he said coldly. The king crossed his arms. “The love you have for this servant is forbidden.”, he scowled. “But she is worth it.”, he told him in a serious tone. You blushed at the fact that he was risking so much for you.

The king sighed. “If you continue to have a relationship with this woman, I will disown you.”, he informed his son coldly. You tightened the hold on his hand. Arthur huffed. “Very well then…Find another prince to succeed me.”, he turned his back to the king and began to walk away with you by his side. The king was baffled by his choice. “Fine! You are forever banned from this kingdom!”, the king growled. Arthur never turned around. “If you can’t respect my choice…then that is fine by me.”, he replied coldly to the king.

You both walked out the doors of the kingdom. “That felt so liberating.”, he said as he wrapped an arm around your waist. “You sure about this?”, you asked quietly. “As sure as I’ll ever be.”, he said as he pulled you close for a kiss. You both then made your way to the stables. He saddled his horse and he helped you onto the black stallion. After you got settled, he climbed on behind you. He pulled you close where you were leaning against him. “Ready?”, he whispered in your ear. “Ready.”, you said smiling widely. He jerked the reins. “Hii-yah!”, he shouted and the horse galloped away from the kingdom. As you both rode away, you and Arthur never looked back.
This is a story about you and England falling in love during the Medieval times.
Enjoy. :D :heart:

Thanks for all the faves~! I never thought this story would get this much love~! :heart: I almost have 100 faves~! :dance:
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Well I left it up to the reader's imagination. :D
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Then, they go to France.
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I've done a roleplay like this one time. I sometimes roleplay as my OC, China, or Canada.
Parissimmons Featured By Owner Jun 25, 2014
I dont like seeychelles anyway AND YOU CALLED HER A BLOODY WENCH!!! :D you are getting a fav
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